Seville Flamenco Show Plus


Everyone wants to see Flamenco in Seville, some of the best in the world, but few get the chance to really understand what they are about to see.

We offer the chance to visit the spectacular Flamenco Museum where Camilla Duchess of Cornwall came to see flamenco. You will have chance to visit the museum first, to enable you to get the most out of the show you will see afterwards. The show itself starts at 7pm (although in high season there are normally extra shows) so ideal arrival time would be 6pm or slightly before.


> MINIMUM NUMBER: 1 person


> DURATION: 2.0 hours

* Students and over-65s 18€, children 6-12 15€, children under 6 free..

Here is some general information regarding flamenco in Seville. It is possible to divide flamenco performances here into 4 different categories, and for the first two we are able to make reservations and provide tickets and directions for you:-

1. Tablao Flamenco, impressive formal shows quite often with many dancers, normally 100% tourists (although the better ones will have Spanish tourists as well!), normally dinner with the show, relatively expensive at around €70 per person. Normally around 2 hours. Food can be good, or can be pizza and ice cream!

2. Flamenco shows, priced at around €15-20 per person, performance around 1 hour.  Normally drinks available but no food.

3. Flamenco bars, tend to be hidden away in the back streets, free entry, public a mixture of students, tourists and locals. Beers slightly more expensive than usual, although maybe €2.00 for a glass of draught rather than €1.50! Performances normally start later, around 11pm.

4. Peñas de flamenco, local members clubs, the real thing. Much more difficult to find, and no guarantee there will be music. Tend to be more out of town, entry anything from nothing to €6. The ones that charge tend to be slightly more formal acts, the others very spontaneous. Start times are generally later, and in some cases may not start until after midnight. Normally little English spoken.




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